Friday, October 9, 2009

Please continue to pray...

This is Marty, Dustin's sister.

As I pulled the blog up I noticed the last post that Melissa had typed. I remember the whole two months leading up to the Disney trip, how excited they were. I'm sure that never in their wildest imagination they fathomed what was ahead.

I know everyone is probably already aware but to recap:

Dustin, Melissa, Konnor and Kensley were travelling on Wednesday, October 7th from Disneyworld to Gulf Shores where they were going to stay until the weekend. At approximately 4:50 p.m. on Interstate 10, near Holt, Florida the car hydroplaned, hit a concrete culvert and flipped one and one-half times and landed upside down in the median. Dustin and Melissa were trapped in the car and had to be cut out. Konnor and Kensley were ejected from the car. The state troopers stated that numerous people stopped and rushed to them to try to help. Three fire departments were dispatched to the scene. Fortunately, a nurse was right behind them and stopped. She rushed to Kensley's side and worked with her and stayed with her until the medics arrived. Konnor has been telling us about the people that came and stayed with him until they put him in the ambulance and about the paramedics in the ambulance, "David" and "Kenneth" who in his words, "took very good care of me and were very nice to me." Kensley was air transported from the scene first, Konnor was transported by ambulance next, Dustin was air transported and Melissa was transported by ambulance, all to Sacred Heart Trauma Hospital in Pensacola, Florida, around sixty miles from the scene.

Dustin, Melissa and Konnor were admitted to the hospital and released the next day. All are banged up and bruised and cut but are okay. Kensley is in the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit at Sacred Heart Children's Hospital. She has a traumatic brain injury and has had surgery to try to stop a bleed. Just a few moments ago (Friday, October 9th, around 5:15 pm) Dustin and Melissa saw her doctor. Her latest CT Scan showed no changes. However, this is good news! They believe the bleed has now stopped and what they are seeing on the scan is now just a pool of blood left from the bleed and will HOPEFULLY (pray pray pray!!!!) eventually drain. How awesome is that!?!? She has a long recovery ahead, please continue to pray for her!

Here are our latest highlights:

*The nurse/doctor was adjusting her vent tube and she raised her right hand trying to either make them quit or help them. I'm leaning towards the first. :)
*She has coughed several times, which the doctors say is great.
*Kylee (my daughter/Kensley's first cousin) has been sitting with her singing "Beautiful Day" which is one of Kensley's favorite songs. She was holding her hand while she was singing and Kensley was tapping her fingers on her hand.
*Melissa was holding her hand and Kensley squeezed her fingers.

We, along with her medical staff, think these things are excellent signs. The news is getting better and we are sooo excited!

Also, the latest updates are being broadcast on facebook. There is a "Praying for Kensley" page that has been set up and Kylee Rogers is updating numerous times a day. We know not everyone has a facebook page but for us, that is the easiest and fastest way to update. If we are away from the laptop we can update via phone. If you already have a facebook page or want to get one, you can try this link: or go to facebook and search for Kylee Rogers and send her a friend request.


Please continue to pray!!!!!


Friday, October 2, 2009

WE'RE OFF!!!!!

Ok we are fixing to leave....we are all packed and the car is loaded up. The kids are so excited, just hoping the drive goes well. We are taking Suzie's car, mine is not in that good of shape and as a matter of fact it died on me this week, I had to go buy a new battery. Hope we make it at least by midnight. Not sure if I will get to post any, but I will try to if I can. Should have plenty of pics to share....see you all real soon!