Monday, September 19, 2011

God still Answers Prayers!

Well after church last night we had some friends invite us to go eat at Cheddar's with them. This is somewhere we really never go, I think we have only been there once, so we decided we would go. We get there and it's about a 30-40 minute wait, but we wait it out and they were super slow with the service, but we had good company so it wasn't bad.

We head to the car and Dustin asked who left the light on, well I didn't remember turning it on and then he proceeds to get in the car. And I'm thinking wait a minute he just opened the door and I haven't even unlocked the car yet. So he gets Kensley in and I'm saying someone was in here! My console was opened and things were moved around and then we noticed Dustin's wallet was gone along with two very expensive pair of sunglasses one in which Konnor used his own money to buy. That's all we have found that is missing.

This is the second time that this has happened to us. The other time was at church about 3-4 years ago. We immediately call and cancel the debit card. I'm just sick at this point and feeling bad that it was my fault and poor little Konnor was so upset, but I think he was feeling sorry for me that he told me it was ok and the he would just take a cheap pair from Wal-Mart. He was such a sweetheart about it.

Of course a million things run through your mind that could take place in this situation. One they have your address and could come to your house. They had my husband's SSN and could take his identity, just all sorts of things. Konnor was scared and didn't want to sleep by himself and I was scared and pretty much got no rest, just done lots of praying which I needed to do anyway.

Well this morning I start making all the calls that I need to. I called Cheddar's to let them know if they found anything or if anything was turned in to please let us know. Well she said she would go look and let me know and I never heard back from her until about 2 this evening I got a call that the lawn care service had found his wallet and everything looked to be in place. I called Dustin and he went to pick it up from them. The debit card was missing, but I think we got it cancelled before they even used it cause there have been no transactions made. The sunglasses are still gone, but luckily no one was hurt and they apparently was just looking for some quick cash, which they didn't get from us cause we seem to never have cash.

So hopefully I can remember to keep my doors locked from all the crazies out there and Dustin needs to start keeping his wallet in his pocket from now own. Lesson hopefully learned on both our parts. Hope you all have had a better Monday than mine, although mine did get brighter when they said they found the wallet. So thankful the Lord still hears our prayers. Have a great rest of the day!

Friday, September 16, 2011

Wow!!!!!! Has it really been that long....

.....since I have posted anything. Life has just been so busy with everything lately that I can't find the time to blog. I've still been keeping up with everyone else's but just not my own. Things are really busy around our house these days, but it keeps us going. We've had many birthday parties to attend and another one this Friday night. Church, church and more church, we have really been trying to visit a lot more and it has paid off. Singings are about to get rolling again next week. Come October I think I have a shower to attend every week if not two a week. Mostly for Kylee including one at my house, so that means I have to work on getting it decorated for the fall and clean, clean and clean some more. :)

I love the fall time, the weather, the colors it's just the perfect time of year.

The kids are doing well. Konnor of course doesn't like school, but he's doing ok with it. He still loves riding the four wheeler and wants to run fire calls as if he were an EMT. A few weeks ago there was a wreck right up from the house and he had Dustin's fire pager (Dustin was in the bed with a headache I think) and he came running in the house wanting me to take him down there like he could do something for them. Of course I told him no and he was not happy, so he took off on the four wheeler and in just a minute Dustin got up and went down there and Konnor came back to find his dad gone, well that was all she wrote, he was so upset so I finally just drove him down there. He really thinks he's a fireman and do whatever his dad and Mitch do. He loves it so much that who knows one day he may grow up to be a real fireman. He likes to play and listen to music on his ipod. He doesn't like for Kensley to come up in his room and mess with his stuff it just tears his nerves up. Konnor used to not like being outside a lot, but that has since changed, he loves to have something to do and be outside until we force him to come in and do homework. He still loves to play the drums and got to play a song at the Friends singing in Big Cove the other night. He's growing up so fast, I can hardly believe he will be 10 on his next b-day.

Kensley is doing really well. She loves school. She has the new teacher this year and I was really worried cause she does have special needs and I was afraid she wouldn't know what to do. Well her wonderful teacher from last year briefed her on everything and Kensley loves the new teacher. She is doing well in school. She has accomplished learning going up and down the stairs by herself even without rails (this is how she learned to go in Konnor's room). She can walk, run, jump, hop, skip and anything pretty much she wants to do. She is still crazy about a little boy in her class, and if you are with her any amount of time she will tell you all about him. The girl loves to shop and gets so excited when I bring something home from Justice. I took my yard sale money I made last weekend and bought her some fall clothes and when I came in last night and showed them to her you would have thought I had just given her a million dollars. It doesn't take much to excite her. She loves the little things in life and I'm thankful for that. She loves playing church and knows more than I ever thought. Just last night she asked me did I know why she wanted to go to Heaven and she said it was because everything there is pretty and if you go down to the devil there isn't anything pretty it's just fire. Our kids pay attention more than we realize. She even made a comment about Bro. David. She remembers so much, I just hope it will stay with her over the years. She still likes Justin Beiber, she loves to sing and play with her baby dolls. She is growing up way to fast, but still mommy's little girl. She still loves for me to hold and cuddle her, but Konnor on the other hand well your lucky to get a good night kiss out of him. :)

Dustin is on the mend. He has been down in his back now since Sunday. He finally went back to work today, but he is still not 100%. We are looking for the Lord to finish the job. He's still same old Dustin. He has lot on his plate right now so I just want to be there for him and help him in anyway I can.

I'm still working everyday and it's been busier than ever lately, but that's the way I like it. I'm just trying to plan for showers coming up and getting my house presentable. I had a yard sale last weekend and did really well, I almost feel like I could clean out some more and have another one though. I'm ready for fall and cooler weather, not winter just fall.

Well I guess that's it for now. Hopefully I can do better with keeping up with this blog from now on.