Friday, May 28, 2010


....I'm so far behind on posting, I'm not sure where to begin. But most importantly last Friday we got to see our miracle walk across the floor and receive her diploma for graduating Kindergarten. I went thinking I can make it through this without getting upset, boy was I ever wrong. I didn't cry when Konnor graduated, but I just guess this was different. I was just sitting there watching her wait her turn to go up and I just kept thinking about what could have been. Things could have been so different, we could have lost her, but the Lord saw fit to let us keep her and I am so indebted to Him for that. The obstacles that we face with her on a daily basis is nothing compared to loosing her completly. I know we don't say a whole lot about Konnor, but we are so thankful that the Lord spared his life too, Konnor has been our rock, he has been a tremendous help through all of this and I'm so thankful for him. I'm glad that the Lord blessed him through 2nd grade and that he is moving on to the 3rd. Here are a few pictures from our day.

Kensley with her teacher Mrs. Steele

Konnor and his teacher Mrs. Coffey

Konnor receiving his awards

Kensley receiving her diploma
Kensley posing
Kensley and Brady
Me, Kensley and Dustin
We have a singing tonight at Huntsville, come out if you can. Hope everyone has a great weekend!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

New furniture....

Well we sold our van last week so I was able to talk Dustin in to letting me buy a new living room suite with the money. I can't wait to get it in. This is probably the total opposite look that I was looking for, but I fell in love with it. Here it is, let me know what you think.

Friday, May 14, 2010

The Dreaded Question.....

....I received the dreaded question the other day at Wal-Mart. I was standing at the counter getting something to eat and there was this lady(someone whom I knew) beside me and I could tell she kept looking at me, but I was talking to the person behind the counter so when I got done and turned to tell her hi and she asked the dreaded question.....Are you having another baby? I said excuse me and I could see the look on her face change, knowing that she had just stuck her foot in her mouth, so she asked it again since I didn't quite understand what she asked, I guess I just wanted to make sure I heard her correctly. I proceeded to tell her that I wasn't and she apologized. I wanted to say "No I'm not pregnant, I'm just fat thanks for reminding me how much weight I've gained lately". I know it wasn't intentionally, but I sure didn't need to be reminded of how big I have gotten. I guess I have probably gained 20-251bs since the wreck. Dustin found me an elliptical and I have to say I have not used it as much as I thought I would, but I'm trying to get started back on it because I have never been this big except for the time that I was pregnant and I'm not liking it at all. Anywho I just thought I would share this funny little story with y'all.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Catch up....

....well I have so much to catch up on, where do I begin. Well to start off with I had a great time at market, if you love to shop this is the place to be. We walked and walked and walked and walked some more. By the end of the first day I could barely move, they were making fun of the way I was walking, but at the time I didn't really care because I was in so much pain, but I got a good laugh the next day at Kara walking the same way. We got so much stuff and had some really good laughs. We saw several other people from our church there shopping too.

We didn't do much over the weekend. Sunday I got up to cook my food to take to my moms. Konnor and Kensley had both made me cards at school and they were so sweet. Dustin gave me a card along with a copy of the New Harmony cd to debut soon. How lucky am I? I did want a copy but just not as a gift for Mother's Day. Me and the kids went out to my moms for lunch and Dustin was laid up in the bed with his back, so we brought him a plate back and then we were just lazy for the rest of the day.

Monday night I had to go to town and find Konnor something to wear for pictures they were having Tuesday night for the New Harmony cd. He was insistent that he wear a suit, so I got him a black pin stripe suit with a black and blue tie, he looked really sharp. Tuesday night I went to take the kids along with Harley to get their pics made, oh and that was a sight to behold trying to get 10 kids to look and smile all at the same time. I wish I had a video of Drea trying to get Kaden to smile. You just had to be there. :) We made it home around 9 only to realize that I was locked out of the house. My mom had my garage door opener and Dustin hadn't gotten home from practice yet. So I had to go borrow a flash light from Kyle and get in the back door because we don't own a key to our front door. I mean who doesn't own a key to their own house???? Well that would be us! Anyway we went to church Wednesday night and then Thursday I was in a meeting until after 5 and got home and cooked some tacos and then we went out on the back deck and had watermelon, it was so good too! I had to call Melia and tell her that I had just eaten the heart out of the watermelon, that is her favorite part and we all fight over it when were together. Tonight we have a singing on the lake, which I'm sure I will get eaten up by bugs, they just love me, Dustin says it's because I need a bath, but I say it's because I'm so all know I'm right. :P

And of course I don't have my camera with me to download my pics, but I will soon, hope everyone has a great weekend!

Monday, May 3, 2010

Market bound......

....I am so excited that we are getting ready to leave for market as we speak. It is me, Alyson, Josie and Kara. There are some more that are driving down in the morning and coming back tomorrow night. Me and Josie have never been so we are not real sure what we are getting in to. I have tried the past two times to go, but it hasn't worked out. Kara has already told me that I was being to bossy for a first timer, but I've been told that Kara is not a good driver, so I chose Alyson to drive my car, so therefore she thinks I'm being a little bossy(j/k)! We are going to have a great time, I will miss my kids and husband, but it's just for two days. Not sure that I will post anything while I'm gone, but I will let you know what good deals I find when I get back.

Eventful Weekend....

....well it all started off with me leaving work on Friday to go to my house and get my mom and bring her to the emergency room. She was hurting in her chest some, but it turned out to just be the flu, just glad it was nothing bad. So me, Kensley, Melia, Jeremy and Keelie spent the evening in the the ER waiting room up until around 9. Me and the kids were supposed to go to Albertville to eat supper with Dustin, but it since all that happened with mom I knew we weren't going to make and plus turned out that Dustin 'em worked til 11 that night so he couldn't have went anyways. I have gotten by without the kids sleeping with me this week since Dustin was gone, but they both begged Friday night so I give in, and boy was that a mistake, it was horrible. I kept having to get up and rearrange kids in the middle of the night just so that I wouldn't fall off the bed, but I love to snuggle with Kensley, she is a very good snuggle buddy, Konnor on the other hand is kind of a wild sleeper.

Woke up really early Saturday morning to meet Alyson and Kara at Belk for the charity sale. They asked me to meet them there at 8 well me and Kensley were there at 7:45 (I know it's just shopping but if you give me a time, I'm gonna be there on time if not early, I can't stand being late to anything), but I think the others finally made it there a little before 9. So I had done most of my shopping before they even got there. It was a mad house, but we got some good deals! We headed home cause Dustin had just gotten home and we couldn't wait to see him, when we got there he was riding the four wheeler and Kens was dying to go for a ride so we all hopped on and headed in to the mountains. Every few seconds Kens would turn around and give her daddy a kiss, she had missed him so much and plus she was super excited he was riding her too. Dustin rested the rest of the afternoon and the boys rode dirt bikes all evening and Kens had a couple of friends over to play.

Sunday we had to cook for the elderly people. We usually do this around Christmas, but the sisters voted that this time of year would be better. We had a very good church service Sunday morning with visitors from Villa Rica. Bro. Leroy anointed Kensley and I was so happy because she fell Thursday and hurt her bad leg again, it seems every time we get to where we think things are good, she gets hurt and sets herself back, but the Lord came by Sunday morning and I'm looking for her to be better this week. Sunday we were out of church before 7, WOW, that never happens. So me, Dust and the kids went and ate at Santa Fe and headed home for bed.

I have scheduled Kensley procedure for her botox on June 2nd, they told us that this could set her back a little, but we all know that the Lord can work it out just right.

That's all for now, have a good Monday!