Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Change of Plans.....

.....well the last post said that Dustin was not going to have to stay in Albertville and work, well things have changed and he is there until possibly Friday. I know he is exhausted already and we are missing him bunches. He did get to come home Monday night but it was late when he got home and then Konnor woke up with an ear ache, so we were up with him til around 1 trying to ease his pain and praying for him, but he is all better now and we thank the Lord for it.

Last night Jeremy and Melia stopped by and wanted to go eat, so we all loaded up and went to Logan's and met Jack and Suzie there as well. We hadn't been seated long when Uncle Donnie and Aunt Josie walked in so we made room for them too. Logan's must have been the place to come last night because we ended up seeing several more people we knew including Mark, Jackie and Griffin. Let me tell you Griffin is a character, if you have never been around him you are missing out. The kid loves playing church and loves entertaining our kids. We headed home and me and the kids finished out the night with baths, homework and some tv.

I'm getting a excited that next week I am going to market to shop in Atlanta. I have never gotten to go and I cannot wait. Well I guess that's all for now. Happy Wednesday!

Monday, April 26, 2010

What a Monday!

Wow....I can tell it is Monday, my day has been crazy already. Woke up this morning to get Dustin's clothes ironed for three days and him packed and ready to go to work. He was told that they were going to work in Albertville for the next couple of days and they would be spending the night so I did all of this for him to call me this morning and say that they had a change of plans, that they were going back today, but he would be able to come home tonight and he probably wouldn't have to go back, which is good because I hate it when he is away. Then I take four kids to McDonald's to eat breakfast before school, but I have to say they did very good. Then I start getting calls and emails before I can even get to work with problems that are going on. So needless to say I have been extremely busy this morning. I think I have just about gotten all of the problems resolved and hope to get started on my daily functions pretty soon.

We had a very restful weekend. We took the kids to Panoply Friday night, but we didn't get to do as much as we had liked because is started raining. And for those of you who read my husband's blog, it was him that wanted his faced painted not! The girls really wanted to get their face painted but we just didn't have the time since we were fixing to get wet, so we headed home and Dustin dropped me off at Jen's house (my sis-in-law) for her jewelry party and then headed to my other sis-in-law Marty's house for a few. Somehow I came home with 3 extra kids which makes 5 total.....what was I thinking. No they were good, the boys stayed upstairs and rearranged Konnor's room and the girls were really tired so it didn't take them long to pass out. Saturday was just a very lazy day, we stayed over at Suzie's most of the day and cooked and sewed (well Melia and Suzie sewed, I just watched) and cooked some more. Sunday we were headed to church when we had to turn around and go home because Dustin got called in to work. I'm so glad that the tornado's missed us (Konnor told me he prayed that they would, he has become terrified of storms, he must be related to Joe David), but I am sad for those that were in the path of the storm. So me and the kids headed on to church and we had a good service Sunday morning and Sunday night. Sunday night we were sitting beside Sis. Angie Philpott and something just didn't sit right with Kensley and she had one of her fits and I guess it just really embarrassed me that I just pretty much lost it and started crying, I'm not sure how to handle her when she does that. I know we have to teach her that she can't do those type of things and I know I use her injury as an excuse, but I just really don't think she has that full understanding of things back yet, so sometimes I just have to cry with her to let my frustrations out because I'm not sure what else to do. After church I ran the kids through the drive thru at Krystals and we headed home for the night.

Well now I have to go and try and get some work done, hope everyone has a good Monday!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Girls Night Out!

We had a girls night out last night to celebrate Kim Brewer's b-day at Rosie's. There was about 12 or 13 of us and we had a blast. There were no kids screaming or crying or needing to go the potty right when you get your food. I love my kids dearly, but a night every once in a while with just the girls is good. I forgot my camera last night or I would have some pics to put on here of our dinner, maybe next go around I will remember.

Kensley is doing good, she went to the doctor yesterday to have her wrist x-rayed again and there is still one little spot that hasn't healed up all the way but he thought it was fine. I'm trying to schedule Kensley's procedure to have her botox injections done, but can't seem to get anyone to answer my phone calls, so I'm not real sure when that is going to take place, plus I have lots of questions I need them to answer. She has been through so much that I hate for to have to go through this too, but I know the Lord can help her and help us to see her through this if it is going to benefit her.

I couldn't wait for Spring and Summer to get here, but now that it is here I struggle with it more each day. Not because it is hot, but that my baby can't do everything she wants to be doing. She sees all the other kids outside playing, jumping, riding bikes, etc. and she wants to do those things too and how do you explain that to her. Winter time was a breeze because everyone was inside and played together and now that's its warm outside all the other kids are outside playing and a lot of times Kensley can't do the things they are doing, but they don't understand and I don't expect them to or even think for one second that they have to stay in with her, but it is just so hard sometimes to keep it together when everyone else is having so much fun and you are trying to console your daughter who just don't understand everything. Maybe we can get her a swing set or something that she can play with outside and that will help things some. Seems I have been an emotional wreck lately, just reflecting on the things that have happened and what she is having to go through. Nobody wants their kid to be the one that's different and can't participate with everyone else and I never thought I would be in this position, but now that I am I have a different perspective on things. I have questioned why us, what did we do wrong, why did it have to be Kensley and not me. All these questions have ran through my mind lately, but I know that God has a plan and in His time He will make all things right. I just need to learn to have patience and wait upon Him. I long for the day when she comes running and jumping in bed in the mornings or when she gets off the bus from school that she comes bursting through the door or when she can ride a bike again. I've always seemed to take all of those things for granted but not anymore, every little achievement Kensley makes is huge to us and we have learned to appreciate them more. I'm sorry to have been whining on all of your shoulders I just needed to let a little bit of it out today. I have learned a lot through this experience and just hope that I can be a good mother to her like she needs.

Konnor is doing well also, he spent the weekend in Tennessee with his cousin Jackson. Tomorrow he is going to work with my mom since it is take your kid to work day, but me or Dustin neither one could take him with us so my mom offered to let him go with her.

Well that's all for now, hope everyone has a good rest of the week.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Doctor's Appt....

Well we went to the eye doctor yesterday.....and I will just start by saying that the eye drops they gave Kensley must have had something in them because she was just acting crazy. I was laughing so hard at her that I thought I was going to have to get up and leave the room. She would make faces at the doctors and do stuff when they turned their backs. Anyway back to the real reason I'm posting, the doctors were really impressed with how far she had come, the only thing that they are kind of concerned with is that her left peripheral vision is not fully back, but they said that she was still improving and that they would just see her in another 6 months. Wonderful news, which I didn't expect any less, I knew that the Lord had sent her help Sunday night and that everything was going to be ok. Here is a picture of her sitting there waiting on the doctor.

Today was back to the grind at work and you wouldn't think that being off for one day would make that big of a deal, but it does where I work. I have gotten a lot accomplished today so I'm feeling pretty good about things. Well gotta go for now, just wanted to update everyone on how the appt went. Have a great rest of the day!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Pictures Gallore!

Well I thought I would just do a post of pictures I haven't had a chance to upload yet, so here goes.....
Here is Mr. Coolcat!
Kensley and Landon
Dustin and his besties!

Little New Harmony

Konnor and Peyton

Kensley and Kaylee, BFF's

Here are some from Sydnee's b-day party at Spoiled Rockin Kids, they had a blast!

Here is the final outcome.....

Here is one someone took from our yardsale on Saturday, we had an awesome turn out, it was non-stop for hours, you would have thought it was Wal-Mart....but all made lots of money and had a good time. I had packed all my stuff up and was leaving when I saw some Mexicans pull up so I stopped and asked them if they wanted some free stuff and I unloaded the car for them and gave them what I had left....the guy wanted to pay me something so I told him if he really wanted to he could just give me $20, I just wanted to get rid of it and not bring it back home. We even had some people coming back for the 2nd time, they said it was the best yardsale that they had been to. Got lots of sun and I'm still paying for it today, it really hurts, but oh well I needed some sun.

Now I have to wrap it up, gotta go iron Dustin's clothes. Going to B'ham, will give an update later. Hope everyone has a good Monday!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

What a Great Night with the Girls!

Wow....we had such fun tonight. A few family members and friends got together at Carraba's tonight to celebrate the up coming marriage of my sister-in-law. We had such a blast with each other, telling stories on one another and watching Marty opening all her gifts and the waiter peaking through the door to make sure it was ok for him to come back in. I'm glad they put up outside on the patio cause we were extremely loud, people walking by outside prolly really thought we were in there drinking as loud as we were. Marty did not want any kind of shower, but I think she really enjoyed herself.

Well I have managed to talk Dustin in to helping me load the car up for the yard sale since I won't have time to do it tomorrow night since we have a singing in Winchester. Everything is pretty much loaded and ready to go. Tomorrow I have a busy day ahead of me, I have a meeting at the school first thing in the morning, then I have interviews from 9:30-2:30 tomorrow afternoon, then I have got to run by Mullins and pick up the racks I rented for the yard sale and be home and ready to go by 4. I don't know how it is all going to happen, but somehow it will all get done. I'll prolly be a zombie at church Saturday night since I prolly won't get home from the singing until over in the morning and then back up at 5 or so to head to set up the yard sale and who knows what time I will be home from that cause then I will have to take the racks back to Mullins. It's also 2nd weekend which means we have to cook for church and it is my time to pick up the chicken. Well we have a busy weekend ahead of us and we will be heading to Birmingham to eye doctor Monday, I'm looking for him to say everything is good with her left eye. I will keep y'all updated. Hope everyone has a good weekend!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Happy Easter!

I know I'm behind, but I just haven't had the time to post yet. I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter. Started out Friday night going to Higdon's singing to see our friends from the north who were singing and man are they good! Kensley also got requested to sing, and she sang Beautiful Day all by herself and did so good! Saturday was our egg hunt with all the kids from church, but we got rained out, I know it was pretty later that day, but it was still kind of muddy and some weren't gonna get to come if we moved it later in the day. So instead me and the fam went to the mall to do some shopping. Usually Dustin is rushing me, but he did really good and let me take my time. They were sitting in front of Belk waiting on me and I had been in there quite a while and the lines were really long to, but when I walked out Kensley told she had just prayed that I would hurry and come out.....I thought that was really cute! Got up Easter morning and cooked breakfast and then fixed my stuff for dinner that day and got us all ready and was ready by 9, I was really impressed, I can't seemed to do that any other Sunday. :) We went up to Goody's (Dustin's grandmother for those of you who don't know her) and made some pics before church, this used to be a tradition of ours that we did every year and somehow has just gotten away from us. We had a wonderful service that morning and had a great dinner with the family. Here is one of the pictures of all of us, I will try to upload more a little later.

It was back to the grind Monday morning. I have been super busy at work this week and at home. I'm trying to get ready for a yard sale we are having Saturday. Who knew that one family could accumulate so many clothes.....I feel like I'm drowning in them. If you would like to come it will be down at Coleman Machine shop on Hwy 431, it is a multi family yard sale. This morning about 3:45 Kensley was needing to go to the bathroom so I got up and took her and then of course since I was already up I had to go, don't you just hate it when you have to get up in the middle of the night to go, it nearly just makes me mad, I laid there and tossed and turned and my mind was going 90 to nothing of things that I needed to get done and I couldn't go back to sleep for the life of a little before 5 I just decided to go ahead and get up. I got up and took my shower and then started working on my yard sale stuff again and got pretty much everything priced.

Kensley is doing good, she had her splint off her left hand the other night and she was grabbing Dustin's nose and honking it, and last night she was waving really good with it. I was really worried about the short term memory loss, it just didn't seem to be getting any better, but I have noticed over the past week at how much better it has gotten, she is remembering a lot. She still gets confused with what day it is, but remembering stuff that has happened throughout the day has really improved and all the thanks goes out to all the prayers that you all have been praying for her and to God for answering those prayers!

Konnor is also doing very well. He is doing great in school and last week we had to do a dinosaur project which he got an A+ on. I had gotten him a new suit for Easter as you can see in the above picture and he loved it, he loves wearing them. He told us that he was with "Legacy Five", which is a gospel group he likes to listen to. He is wanting us to get his room moved around so he can set up a studio, he is his daddy's child. All the kid studies is music and fire dept.....and speaking of fire dept, we drove by Big Cove's last night and Mitch was there so Konnor wanted to go by and we dropped him off and Mitch brought him home later, you would of thought you had just given the kid $1000, he loved being with those boys down there. And as far as the music, I hope he takes after his dad on that, he is already doing really good on the drums.

Well I have talked about how Dustin has been writing novels lately on his blog and now I have written one myself. Oh well, I hope everyone has a great rest of the week.