Monday, August 23, 2010

Another miracle.....

.....well today another miracle happened, at least in our family's eyes. After the wreck we had to meet with the Sherriff or State Trooper's dept (I can't remember exactly which one it was) about the accident and answer a bunch of questions. They charged Dustin with driving with faulty equipment and he would have to appear in court, they said they had to charge him with something because of the TBI that Kensley sustained. Well they told us we didn't have to do it right then that we had up to a year to come back to court. He had tried to call once we got home and got settled back in, but couldn't ever get anybody, so we have just sort of dismissed it until now. It is coming up on a year real soon and we knew something had to be done about it, so he decided he would call today and he got someone on the phone, who said that the guy who had our case had dismissed it and he no longer had to appear in court. Praise the Lord for yet another miracle.

I also want to Praise the Lord for a very good day yesterday with Kensley. Most of you know that she has sudden outburst of anger, and it is very hard to control sometimes, but yesterday was so good and I was amazed within myself how good she was. Today we have had some minor spells, but not bad at all.

Tonight it is all about homework again. Monday's are always the worst. Dustin and Hayley Kelly are in there practicing for a wedding. Konnor is still working on homework and Kens is in her room playing with Grayson. And by the way thanks to everyone who sent me a comment or sent me an email about beds. Hopefully if Costco still has the one that I've been told about I will be getting it. Well hope everyone is having a good day, talk to you all soon!

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Cleaning out!!!!!!!

I have gotten in the mood of cleaning out. I love it when I get in those moods cause I actually get some things accomplished. Right now it is Kensley's room. I'm on the look out for a daybed with a trundle so if anyone knows where one is at a good price please let me know. Right now I have a full size bed in there, but she just doesn't have the room to play, so that means that the kids are constantly bringing the toys out of her room in to one of the other rooms in my house and that drives me crazy. I'm also so looking for some type of desk because one of her favorite things to do is play school. I remember loving playing school when i was a kid. Oh the good ole days! She had probably 50 stuffed animals from the hospital that I had in a net, but the kids love getting them down and do you know how hard it is to keep that many animals in the net and nice and neat. So last night I went and bought a big bin to store some of them in. I hate to get rid of them because they are special. We kept a few out, but most are stored now. We cleaned out the other toys in her room and the purses. I can't believe what all was in those purses, I threw away so much garbage. Now I have to tackle the closet.

I was also able to get all of her fall clothes from last year priced and out the door. I was only able to keep one skirt from last year. She has went from wearing a six last year to a ten this year. Can you believe that? She has grown so much.

Me and the kids watched Diary of a Wimpy Kid last night and it was so funny. Dustin had went to a church in Gurley to see New Ground and The Primitive Quartet. Today me and Kens are going to finish cleaning out her room and Konnor has a b-day party to attend after while. We aren't having church until tomorrow night so hopefully I can get some things accomplished. Hope everyone has a great weekend.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Back to School.....

....well it was back to school Monday for the kids. I was ready for it to start because I like the routine of things, a somewhat schedule, one of which we have not had this summer. It's been a summer filled with going here and yonder non-stop, I mean I think we finally cooked our first meal at home this week in I don't know when, we have been having to eat on the run and we are sick of it, so it was nice to have a home cooked meal. Ok so back to the school thing. Konnor wasn't so excited, but he has done really well so far. He has a very good teacher and several of his good friends from last year are in his class. Not looking foward to the homework this year, but I'm sure we can make it through it.

Kensley on the other hand was so excited about going back to school, but I on the other hand was a little nervous about it. I mean she requires so much attention and not knowing if she is getting everything she needs, well it worries me. We got to the school and she sat right down and started working on the sheet her teacher had for her. She was ready for us to leave, but of course I talked with her teacher about her needs and we headed off. I couldn't wait to talk to her when she got off the bus, oh yeah I am letting her ride the bus home and she loves it. She said she had a good day. Thursday morning we had to go get her stitches taken out from her surgery, which by the way went great, she didn't even cry. Anyway I had a chance to talk to her teacher when I got there and she said that Kensley was doing great, she is getting a little tired, but she understood with her situation. I was so excited to hear how good she was doing. We had considered asking for her an aide, but decided to wait to see what her teacher said about it after a few days of school, Mrs. Weaver thinks they are doing good enough without one right now so we are going to hold off on that for now.

The Kiddos getting ready to leave.

Showing off their backpacks.

Konnor with all his notebooksk, can't you tell he is so excited!

Kensley at her desk coloring and I might add she was so excited to have her own desk.

So we have our first full week of school down and many more to go. We had some friends over last night for some grilled chicken and steak. The guys worked on music stuff and us girls just watched kids and talked. We had a good time. Today has just been a lazy day catching up on some much needed rest. The rest of the weekend will be filled with going to church. Hope everyone has a good weekend.