Thursday, June 10, 2010

It Sure Looks Like a Beautiful Day.....

....."there were troubles around me and still I can say it sure looks like a Beautiful Day." I got in my car this morning and turned my cd to this song, which some of our good friends the Wright's sing and if you don't have a cd of theirs we have some if you would like to buy one, it is well worth the money. I love this song and I just got to thinking about it this morning and I do have troubles as we all do, but no matter what it's still a beautiful day. The Lord has blessed us beyond measure and I know he will see us through.

Revival starts this weekend and I'm hoping for some miracles. For his healing power and souls to be revived. Hope everyone of you have a Beautiful Day!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Another milestone.....

....we have reached another milestone, well at least in my eyes we have. It maybe small to some people, but to me and Dustin this was huge. I called Dustin on my home yesterday and he was telling me that he had put Kensley on the trampoline while he did some yard work and one of her cousins was on there with her. He told her to stay on there until he got done. He saw Grayson going home and she said she was going home for a minute but she never came back to play with Kensley so in a few minutes he went to check on Kensley and there she was walking toward him. He asked her how in the world did she get off and she said by herself and he just couldn't hardly believe it and I think she knew that so she told him to put her back on there and she would show him. So sure enough she showed him, she got off all by herself. We were just amazed and then on top of that they had went inside and she said "Hey dad watch me open these chips" and she did with both hands. Her control of her left hand is not real good, but she can grab things and grip them. We are so proud of her and know that the Lord is going to continue to bless her. I know these things seem small but to us they are huge. It's so great to be a part of God's work and to see His healing power.

Revival starts next week and we hope you all can come and join us. I'm already exhausted just thinking about it, but can't wait to see what the Lord has in store for us. I'm thankful that he is blessing these other revivals and hope it continues. We went to Skyline last night and got to see Bro. Mark who received the Holy Ghost Sunday night at Skyline and he was so happy. Hope we get to see many more this summer. Well that's all for now, hope everyone has a great day!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Kensley's procedure

We were supposed to have Kensley's procedure done this Wednesday, but let me back track first. A couple of Sunday nights ago we went to church and I sat on the front which is very unusual and Kens was laying in my lap and meeting was going really good and I seen Dustin's Uncle Paul look over and I knew exactly what he was going to do. He got the oil and came over and anointed her and a few minutes later Bro. Rob anointed her. The whole service was pretty much towards her and I was so thankful. I got up to thank the Lord for looking at her and he poured me out a blessing. This was the best I had felt since we had gotten back home. I just felt like the Lord was going to take care of everything for Kensley, so the next day I talked to Dustin about it and told him that I just felt like we needed to cancel the procedure and he agreed so that I did. I was so hesitant about it from the beginning, but me and Dustin just didn't know what to do, but after that Sunday night there was no doubt in my mind anymore what needed to be done. The procedure could have possibly set her back and we might have even had to go back to the wheelchair, which I didn't want to have to do at all, she has made such tremendous progress and I didn't want to hinder what the Lord can do.

Back in March when we went to Birmingham, Kensley was walking with our help and they thought that was great, but still had concerns. Well I think if they saw her today they would see a big change since March. Then she wouldn't walk by herself, her memory was still really bad and her left foot would just turn sideways when she didn't have her brace on and that was concerning them. Well since then she is walking everywhere by herself (well that I let her, I get a little nervous when we are outside), her memory hasn't improved so much and now she is walking without her brace around the house and foot is no longer turning over to the side. She has come so far in such a short period of time and I'm so thankful. I'm not a very patient person, so I tend to want her healing to be instantly, but I know the Lord has a plan.

And while I'm on this subject I also want to thank the Lord for yesterday. It was our annual Memorial Day picnic at the park and I was just kind of wanting it to get rained out because I get so stressed when I have to take Kensley somewhere like that because she gets so frustrated that she's not able to play like the other kids. I prayed that it would be a good day and that she would have fun and she did. We had a couple of moments, but nothing like what it has been in the past. I'm so thankful the Lord blessed her with a good day. I will have more on Memorial Day later, but I just wanted to go ahead and share this little bit with you all.

Have a good Monday oh I mean week is already so messed!