Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Happy Belated Birthday to my Wonderful Daughter!

Ok so I have had this post started for quite sometime now and was waiting on my sis-in-law to upload the pics from the party, but she's been busy and so have I so I'm just gonna go ahead and post this without the pics and maybe we can get them up soon.

Well over a month later I finally have time to post about Kensley's birthday. Last year she didn't even know that she had had a birthday. Once she was alert and able to start remembering things, it took a lot of work to get her to remember that she was six now. I had decided a a few years ago that I was only going to give my kids the big birthday parties until they were five and then after that they could just have a couple of friends over to stay the night, but since Kensley didn't get to have a party at all last year I decided we would just go all out this year. She loves cheerleading so what's better than having an Alabama cheerleading party. Dustin has a cousin that was a cheerleader for Wallace State so we invited her to come and teach the girls some cheers and the boys played football. Kylee made her an awesome cake. She got many gifts and had a great time.

Kensley has always been a loving kid. She is smart and loves to learn and is very inqusitive. She likes Justin Bieber, coloring and drawing, playing her DS and playing text twist on the computer. She loves to being with her friends. Her greatest desire is to ride a bike and I believe the Lord will grant her with that.

She can brighten my day. And just the other day I came home from work and it hadn't been such a good day and she came up to love on me and I told her just that. That she always made my day better. She still runs to the door to meet me when I get home. Always loves to see any of us when we have been gone any period of time. She loves going to spend the night with friends, but loves just as much coming home. I can't imagine life without her, she is our sunshine! I love you Kensley and hope you have many more birthdays!

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Marty said...

Bad Aunt!!! And I have no clue where those pictures are so now I'm worried!