Monday, September 19, 2011

God still Answers Prayers!

Well after church last night we had some friends invite us to go eat at Cheddar's with them. This is somewhere we really never go, I think we have only been there once, so we decided we would go. We get there and it's about a 30-40 minute wait, but we wait it out and they were super slow with the service, but we had good company so it wasn't bad.

We head to the car and Dustin asked who left the light on, well I didn't remember turning it on and then he proceeds to get in the car. And I'm thinking wait a minute he just opened the door and I haven't even unlocked the car yet. So he gets Kensley in and I'm saying someone was in here! My console was opened and things were moved around and then we noticed Dustin's wallet was gone along with two very expensive pair of sunglasses one in which Konnor used his own money to buy. That's all we have found that is missing.

This is the second time that this has happened to us. The other time was at church about 3-4 years ago. We immediately call and cancel the debit card. I'm just sick at this point and feeling bad that it was my fault and poor little Konnor was so upset, but I think he was feeling sorry for me that he told me it was ok and the he would just take a cheap pair from Wal-Mart. He was such a sweetheart about it.

Of course a million things run through your mind that could take place in this situation. One they have your address and could come to your house. They had my husband's SSN and could take his identity, just all sorts of things. Konnor was scared and didn't want to sleep by himself and I was scared and pretty much got no rest, just done lots of praying which I needed to do anyway.

Well this morning I start making all the calls that I need to. I called Cheddar's to let them know if they found anything or if anything was turned in to please let us know. Well she said she would go look and let me know and I never heard back from her until about 2 this evening I got a call that the lawn care service had found his wallet and everything looked to be in place. I called Dustin and he went to pick it up from them. The debit card was missing, but I think we got it cancelled before they even used it cause there have been no transactions made. The sunglasses are still gone, but luckily no one was hurt and they apparently was just looking for some quick cash, which they didn't get from us cause we seem to never have cash.

So hopefully I can remember to keep my doors locked from all the crazies out there and Dustin needs to start keeping his wallet in his pocket from now own. Lesson hopefully learned on both our parts. Hope you all have had a better Monday than mine, although mine did get brighter when they said they found the wallet. So thankful the Lord still hears our prayers. Have a great rest of the day!


Jameson & Joey's Mom said...

Oh this is horrible! I'm so sorry!!! We had our car broke into once and they took the kids dvd players that I had just bought and my brother's knife that I had in the glove compartment (i know.. silly, but I had just gotten it from my uncle and hadn't took it inside yet)! I was livid!!! I'm so glad he found his wallet though!!!! I'm glad no one was hurt though! That is the most important! Maybe they'll remember next time to not bother with ya'll because you guys won't have cash! LOL!

Nicole said...

Oh I hate that feeling! So glad his wallet was found and no body was hurt.

Practice Makes Philpotts said...

So sorry that happen to y'all (again.) This world!