Monday, August 31, 2009

Keeping up with The Kelly's

I love reading all of these blogs so I thought I would just start one myself. Not much going on with us right now, it has slowed down a lot. Kids are doing great in school, Konnor came home with his first progress report and he had all A's, which is an improvement from last year, he had a really bad teacher and we hope things will be better this year. Of course Kensley is doing great she is way ahead of her class, I just hope she doesn't get bored with things. Dustin just helped finish recording the new cd in rememberance of Bro. Alvie McKenzie, I can't wait for it to come out, I know it will be great. I have just been working a lot of overtime lately hopefully making some extra money to spend on our upcoming Disney trip in a month. We have never been and we are so excited about finally getting to go. If anyone has any pointers for us please share, I know we are going to be overwhelmed once we get there. Well this is all for tonight, hope to get some pics on here soon!


Stephanie T said...

You go girl!!! Add me to the "blogs you follow!" on the side. Also Cutest Blog on the Block has really cute, free backgrounds, etc.

Melissa Kelly said...

Thanks, I will add you....and I was wandering where to go to find those backgrounds.

Anonymous said...

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