Monday, August 23, 2010

Another miracle.....

.....well today another miracle happened, at least in our family's eyes. After the wreck we had to meet with the Sherriff or State Trooper's dept (I can't remember exactly which one it was) about the accident and answer a bunch of questions. They charged Dustin with driving with faulty equipment and he would have to appear in court, they said they had to charge him with something because of the TBI that Kensley sustained. Well they told us we didn't have to do it right then that we had up to a year to come back to court. He had tried to call once we got home and got settled back in, but couldn't ever get anybody, so we have just sort of dismissed it until now. It is coming up on a year real soon and we knew something had to be done about it, so he decided he would call today and he got someone on the phone, who said that the guy who had our case had dismissed it and he no longer had to appear in court. Praise the Lord for yet another miracle.

I also want to Praise the Lord for a very good day yesterday with Kensley. Most of you know that she has sudden outburst of anger, and it is very hard to control sometimes, but yesterday was so good and I was amazed within myself how good she was. Today we have had some minor spells, but not bad at all.

Tonight it is all about homework again. Monday's are always the worst. Dustin and Hayley Kelly are in there practicing for a wedding. Konnor is still working on homework and Kens is in her room playing with Grayson. And by the way thanks to everyone who sent me a comment or sent me an email about beds. Hopefully if Costco still has the one that I've been told about I will be getting it. Well hope everyone is having a good day, talk to you all soon!


Lindsey said...

That is so good and Kensley seems so much better every time I see her... Hayley told me she was coming over there I ask her if this wedding was the Hayley Show she seems to be doing it all! LOL

Melissa Kelly said...

LOL....She did really good last night, but she was a nervous wreck.