Monday, October 18, 2010

Reflecting back part 1......

On October 7, 2009 our lives changed. I still remember the day so clearly. We were driving down the road in pouring down rain and I had considered telling Dustin to pull over, but little did I know that wasn't meant and you'll see why a little later in the post. Next thing I knew we were laying upside down in the car and I couldn't find my kids, I hope no one ever has to experience that, and I couldn't keep my husband conscience. I didn't care who was around me or who heard me, I was calling out to the Lord to please spare my husband because he was lost and to please help my kids. I remember looking up at one point and seeing Dustin's phone laying there and I grabbed it and was gonna call someone but just hesitated because I didn't want them to panic on the phone with me cause I myself was already in a panic. They wouldn't tell me anything about the kids other than Konnor was ok and they were working on Kensley, but I had no idea of the extent of it. Apparently I was up against the culvert so no one could get over to that side of the car and at first they didn't even know I was in there and I was trying to scream and tell them, but it was hard to holler, I just didn't have the breath, but thank the Lord someone heard me. I helped them unbuckle Dustin so they could pull him out. Then they were able to get me out. The pain was so unbearable, it hurt to breathe or move.

I was asking for my kids, but they kept telling me that I had to go to the hospital and that they were being taken care of. They put me and Dustin in the same ambulance together and about the only thing I remember of the ride was thinking if I can just go off to sleep cause it hurt so bad to breathe. I remember holding Dustin's hand on the way and telling him I love you. We had no concept of the time frame that all of this was going on. They took Dustin to the same hospital that the kids were at and I was left by myself. The weather had gotten bad so they just decided that they would just transport me by ambulance, which was at least an hour away. I was still on the back board and still had a neck brace around me and it was all so uncomfortable.

We went through numerous x-rays and scans, but all came back good. Thank you Lord! Once we arrived at the ER at the same hospital as the kids Dustin was given a phone to call someone. He got a hold of his mom and dad, but they were so upset that she passed the phone over to Bro. Steve Mahathey, I remember talking to him briefly. At that point me and Dustin were in separate rooms but we could see each other through the window. Sis. Mindy Holman and Sis. Heather Riggins came to stay with me in the ER and the Lord came by and I'm so thankful for that. Holly and Heather were also vacationing at the beach and were able to get to my kids and stay with them. Uncle Leonard was with Dustin. They moved us to rooms and I was able to get me a shower with some help from Sis. Jenny Harkins, bless her heart, but at that point I didn't care. I had mud madded all up in my hair and all over me. They didn't allow me to go see Dustin, it was over in the morning by this time and I just had to go to my room cause both of us were sharing with other pts. Friends and family started pouring in, the support was so overwhelming. I never would have dreamed all of those people would come to see us, but they did and I don't know what we would have done without them there.

We rested for a couple of hours and the next morning they wheeled Konnor up to see us. It was such a great feeling to see him there and doing well, just a little sore. I remember just hugging him and crying. They came in and discharged me so I went over to sit with Dustin until they discharged him. I didn't want to go alone to see Kensley, we really had no idea how bad she was, most of it had been kept from us. Once Dustin was discharged we immediately went to see Kens. I can still remember the first time we saw her, it was just heartbreaking seeing her lay there with all of her hair cut off and tubes running everywhere. She was just lifeless and I was just helpless. All we could do was wait. We then headed to Konnor's room to visit and soon after he was discharged. There are so many details that I feel sometimes I could write a book. To go back a little, Konnor had some cuts that were pretty bad and they thought he might have to get some stitches, and he heard them talking about it and began to pray that he wouldn't have to and the nurse came back and said he didn't. The Lord hears their prayers and I'm so thankful he knew to pray about it. I want my kids to know that the Lord can give them whatever they need.

Here is a pic of how Kens started out. This picture doesn't do justice of how she really looked. I go back to those days so many times and am so thankful that he carried us. And I do mean he carried us, I look back and think we were upset and didn't know what to do, but I find myself struggling more over it now than I did then and I know it was the prayers and the prescence of the family and the Children of God that helped us through each day. We only went one day out of the whole eight weeks that we didn't have any visitors. What a blessing to know that we have such great family in the Lord.

I'm going to make this part 1 of my post and finish it up maybe tomorrow or before the week is up.

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Sweet Baby James said...

Thank you for sharing this. Hearing it from your point of view is so hearbreaking but also such a testimony to how wonderful our Lord is and how He shows up just when we need Him most.