Monday, April 18, 2011

Our weekend.....

Let's see where do I begin? Friday evening we met up with Jeff and Alyson at Olive Garden to eat before we all headed over to the Gaither concert. We saw many friends there too and this had to be one of the best Gaither Homecoming concerts that we have ever been to. But by the end of the show we were exhausted. Konnor just couldn't make it through the whole thing as you can see below. Kensley stayed with MawMaw and went to the Easter play.

Once we got home I loaded my car up with yard sale stuff and finally got in bed around midnight. Got up around five and loaded a couple of more things and headed out. It was so cold and windy that we pretty much set everything up in Jerome's shop. We still had a good turn out, but not as good as past ones. Plus me and Nickie weren't able to get our annual sunning in that we normally do. I packed up around 3 and headed home for a quick nap before church.

After a good church service Saturday night we headed to Wings to eat and then went home and crashed for the night. Sunday morning we went out to Gunters Mtn. They had several preachers but only two talked, but it was still going on 2 before church was over. Went back to Huntsville that night for church and had a really good service and heard some really encouraging testimonies. We made a quick stop at Sonic on the way home.

Here we are today back at the work place. The kids are back at school. Kens got her cast off last week. I will post more about that later, I'm waiting until after therapy tomorrow to see what improvements she has made since we got botox last week. Hope everyone has a good week!

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