Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Update on Kensley.....

Last Tuesday night we headed to Birmingham to stay the night. When I got home Tuesday I noticed Kensley was really quiet, but she said her stomach hurt which is not unusual for her so I didn't think much of it. If anyone has been around her any length of time you know she loves to talk and ask questions. Pretty much the whole car ride there she didn't say anything so I began to ask her if she felt sick or was she just nervous and she said she was nervous. I began to feel really bad for her but me and Dustin just reassured her that she wouldn't feel anything and that she was going to be fine. I think I speak for me and Dustin both that we were nervous too, we just didn't know what to expect from this and was it going to set her back any.

I sent a text to a few people to pray for her that night and the next morning she was still a little nervous but not near as bad as she had been the night before. Thank you all who said a prayer for us. She couldn't have anything to eat after midnight and only clear liquids until 6 that morning. She wouldn't eat the night before and it always bothers me when my kids won't eat. I'm constantly asking them if their hungry, what can I get you so that you will eat, but she just wouldn't. So I woke her up about 5:30 that morning to make her drink some Sprite so that she would have a little something in her. We got ready and headed to the hospital. Me and Dustin wouldn't even drink or eat anything because we knew that she couldn't and by this time she had decided that she was hungry, but she got through it.

After doing some paperwork and waiting they finally called us back. They took us to a room where they explained everything and put an IV in and she did so great with that, no tears were shed. They let us stay in there while they put her to sleep, by the way was really strange for me to watch. Then they sent us to the waiting room where we only stayed for about 5 min and they were done. I was a little nervous about the after affects, she has gotten sick in the past from the anesthesia, but she drank about a half of a cup of Sprite and part of a Hershey bar and some peach rings. Yeah I know sounds appetizing doesn't it, but that was just some snacks we had from the night before.

Here we are today a week later and she is doing great. We had therapy yesterday and they seemed impressed especially with her left arm and hand. I can tell a difference, she is so much more relaxed and not as tight. That was their main focus yesterday to get her to use it the best she could. I have to remind her to use it, I think she has gotten so used to not using it that she forgets she has a left arm, granted she has been in a cast for most of 2011, I think there has only been 3 weeks out of this year that she hasn't had a cast on. But we are on the mend and know that God is going to help us through this.

They wanted her to pick some bing bags up and throw them yesterday in the cart and she just took off doing it. She has always had a hard time once she has something in that hand to let it go, her hand just doesn't open without some hard concentration, but she did good yesterday and I'm so proud of her. We are working on trying to crawl with shifting her weight to the left side and she is working on trying to stand on her left foot for 3 or more seconds.

She is doing great in school, she just got her progress report with all A's. She still has some anger issues to work through, but they have gotten so much better and I'm so thankful for that. It's hard to see your child have to go through this, but I don't know what we would do without the Lord's help. Her personality has grown so much and speaking of grown she has gotten so tall. I noticed a picture of her and Kaylee from the Easter Egg Hunt that she is almost a full head taller than Kaylee now and it used to be that Kensley was always the little one of the bunch. Her hair has came back so thick and is longer now than it was before the accident. I have so much to be thankful for and so much to Praise Him for.

I will keep everyone updated on the progress of how she is doing.


Jameson & Joey's Mom said...

I'm so glad she is doing so good! And I had noticed how beautiful her hair is now! Hoping she just continues to improve every day! Love ya'll!

Melissa Kelly said...

Thanks! We love y'all too! And by the way we missed you at the egg hunt, Heather had called to see if it was ok for y'all to come and of course it is, but it was so crazy that day I didn't get to ask Heather what happened to you. Maybe next year will work out.

Lindsey said...

I'm glad she did so good I know you were nervous about it. She has come sooooo far I know the Lord is going to help her the rest of the way just like he has till now!!

Sweet Baby James said...

What a great report! Sounds like she is really doing well

Jameson & Joey's Mom said...

Oh, I hope we can next year too! Things are just chaos for us right now. But all the pics were adorable!