Friday, July 15, 2011

Beach trip 2011!!!!!!!!

I'm going to try and break this down in to different post so that it's not so overwhelming when trying to read. So be sure to look at all of them. We had a great time. We arrived on Saturday and the check out day was Wednesday, but me and Dustin had already talked about staying a little longer or maybe going somewhere else. We were just gonna see what happened. Our trip consisted mostly of going to the beach and eating. Seemed like every time you turned around someone was asking what was going to eat. But that's what we were there for to enjoy the food and beach. :)

You'll read about Sunday and Monday in a different post. But Tuesday me and Dustin took all the kids to the beach, Jeremy and Melia had some errands to run. They brought us lunch back and I don't think we went back to the beach, I think we all just chilled and then got ready and headed over to the Oyster House, which was my least favorite of all, but that's ok Dustin really enjoyed it. Of course there was another t-shirt purchase that Konnor just thought he had to have and a small purchase for Kensley so she didn't feel left out. Then it was back to the room to get dressed for beach pictures. I will post them separately. We stopped and got some cookies to bake and me, Dustin and Konnor took a night stroll on the beach. It was really nice. Here are a couple of pics from that night. They aren't the greatest because they were taken with Dustin's phone.

We did some shopping on Wednesday because it was raining. We ran in to a few people we knew and talked a little and then headed over to Lambert's to eat. We had to wait awhile, but it was well worth it. It was probably our favorite meal. Then we headed back over to the outlets to finish up our shopping, where we then saw Stephanie and Stewart. We chatted for a little bit and parted. We headed back to the condo where we got ready and went back out to the beach. Oh and I forgot to mention that Jeremy and Melia headed home today and she called to see if we could have the condo for the rest of the week and the lady gave us two nights free, we were so excited. We talked them in to letting her kids stay so that our kids would have someone to play with. That night Dustin just went and grabbed us something to eat and brought it back to the condo.

Thursday the kids were wanting to go somewhere and do something so we took them to ride go carts. I don't have any pics because I was too lazy to carry my camera in. But while the boys were waiting to ride the Wild Woody, it started pouring rain, so we left and went back to Lulu's to eat and then back to let them ride. Back to the beach that afternoon and then to King Neptune's to eat supper. We had to wait forever to be seated, but I think Dustin will say that it was worth it. He had a pound of crab legs and all sorts of sides. We had been there for about 2 1/2 hours and the girls just couldn't take anymore, they laid their heads down and went to sleep.

Friday was pack-up day and head back to Huntsville. I got up early and starting cleaning up and packing things up. We headed on over to Cracker Barrell for breakfast and headed out. We probably weren't on the road 30 min and Kensley already had to make a pit stop. Once we finally got going, we were making pretty good time. We stopped in B'ham to eat some lunch and got back home around 3. Now it's back to the real world of working, cleaning and going to and fro. Have a good weekend!

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