Monday, October 24, 2011

October 23, 2011

Well yesterday was my sweet little girl's birthday. She turned 8 years old. It's so hard to believe she is eight. I sometimes wish they were still small and you could just cuddle with them. Although Kensley still likes to cuddle, she loves giving me hugs and kisses and I take all that I can. She will still give me a kiss before she gets on the bus and I will try and give Konnor one but he dodges me and runs. :)

We didn't get to have a party cause most everyone was out of town last week for fall break so I told her we may have her something after my niece's wedding cause right now things are pretty hectic. We did however take her to Logan's Friday night with some family and friends. Crosby came over and spent the night with her Friday night and they were up about 4 the next morning playing. We started our day by going to McDonald's for some breakfast and then we headed over to Spoiled Rockin Kids to get their hair done. Kensley wanted the Princess hair style and Crosby wanted the Rock Star look. Here are some pictures of the finished project.

They had so much fun doing that. When then had to run back home to do something for Dustin and then we headed to town to go shopping. First stop Old Navy where I found some really good deals. Then it was off to the mall. We shopped a little and then went and ate and shopped a little more and then headed over to Catos and Payless. After there I could tell the girls were wearing down, so I said we would head home, but on the way I remembered this consignment shop that I wanted to check out so we ran by there a few minutes and then headed towards the house. They played a til about 5 and then we took Crosby home. Me and Kensley then headed to Wal-Mart and later met Marty and Kylee at Hobby Lobby. Picked up some Zaxby's for supper and headed to Marty's house to see what we could help with for the wedding. It was a fun day with my precious daughter and I can't wait to spend many more like it with her.

Sunday was her actual birthday and Higdon was giving Kylee and Erik a shower so we went out there for church that morning. Came back to Huntsville for church that night. They sang to Kensley after church and you won't believe how much money that girl ended up with. Bro. Rob even got the pan out for her to hold. She ended up with $72.00 just from church. She is really loved and it has shown.

A few things Kensley enjoys doing at this age are playing mom to her babies, playing school, playing church and pretending she has a boyfriend that she is getting married to. She bought a fake diamond ring at Claires Saturday and she keeps telling me she is engaged to Christopher (a little boy from school). I told her this morning that Christopher had to ask her daddy's permission to marry her and she said she was going to go tell him this! I told her not to worry about it right now. She loves talking to everybody and finding out their life history. J/K. She does love to talk though and sometimes I worry that she is bugging people, but that is just her personality. I'm so thankful the Lord saw fit to let us keep her awhile longer. He has truly blessed her and I know He will continue.

We love you Kensley and wish you a very Happy Birthday!!!!


Heather said...

Happy Birthday Kensley!! I know that every birthday is a gift from God for everyone, but I know that you all are able to appreciate them even more. Praise the Lord for that! :)

Jameson & Joey's Mom said...

Happy Birthday Kensley!!!!!! I think I want to come hold the pan out at Huntsville on my next birthday! :)

Nicole said...

Happy Birthday Kensley!!! So sweet! Sounds like a wonderful birthday!