Tuesday, January 17, 2012

First day of school and Halloween.....

Can't belive I'm just now posting these but I wanted to have something to look back on so I'm going to ahead and post them even though it's like 6 months later. :)

The kids up bright and early for their first day of school.
Kensley at her new desk and always ready to pose for the camera.
Konnon at his desk thinking why am I here they already have work on my desk for me to do. :)
Kensley the witch at Sweet CeCe's (they were giving out free ice cream to the first 100 kids that came in dressed up)
Konnor devouring his ice cream
Scream and The Witch
After visiting Sweet CeCe's and going by the grandparents' houses we headed over to Chad and Emily's to load the kids up on the trailor and take them around the neighborhood. They had a blast going from house to house. Thanks to Chad and Emily for hosting it.
Ashton, Kaylee & Kensley after trick or treating. They were sorting out their candy to see what all they got.
Miss Minnie Mouse (Allie)
The party host and little pumpkin


Angie said...

Better late than never! Great pictures, their Halloween costumes were cute :)

Jennifer said...

It's crazy the school year is going by really fast! Madison gets out in May which is not that far away. Im ready for warm weather I must say!