Monday, March 8, 2010

Stumbling Blocks..... not something we all want to encounter, but they do happen occasionally. We have encounter a couple over the past few days, but the Lord was right there us. Wednesday night Kensley hurt her bad foot. We thought she had twisted it, but that wasn't the case. Thursday she couldn't walk on it at all and I was really wanting her to be able to walk for her singing Friday night, so I emailed a few to pray for her and Friday she started walking on it some. I took her to therapy and the therapist thought she might have stretched a tendon in her foot, which is really easy to do with all the tone that she has. It was still a little sore come Friday night, but she was able to walk on it, and I'm so thankful for that.

Now today we have encounter another stumbling block.....we have went all winter without catching any of these nasty bugs going around until today. I went in there to get her ready for her first day of school and she said the dreaded words "my belly hurts." I knew then that this was not going to be a good start to the day. We continued getting ready and walked in to the bathroom and then it was all over from there. I felt so bad that she had to miss her first back to school....she was so excited about going back, but if all goes well she will still get to go back at the end of this week.

I will try and post some pics from the Praying for Kensley concert later was a success, the singing was just outstanding. Thanks to everyone who participated, we love you all!

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