Monday, March 29, 2010


The title of this post is exactly what I feel like doing. I have some good news that I would like to share with everyone. Most everyone knows that Kensley has to wear a brace on her left foot or she wouldn't be able to walk because her foot turns over sideways. Of course Sunday morning she woke up early and I went in there to tell her just to watch tv for a little bit until I got up and she said ok. I was lying in bed and I could hear someone coming down the hall and I thought it was Konnor but much to my surprise it was Kensley walking to my room WITHOUT her brace. Her foot was flat as could be, I was so amazed by this. She not only did it once, but a couple of other times too. I rejoiced all day thinking about it, she truly is a miracle.

Now to recap our weekend. We went to the singing at Stevenson Friday night and it was good, Kensley got anointed and it seems every time someone anoints her you can see a dramatic change in her. I don't care who anoints her as long as the Lord is in it, it will be proven out and so far that has be evident in Kensley. I thank the Lord for everyone that has sent a prayer up for our angel. Saturday I got up early to go look for Easter outfits and then took Kensley to Sydnee's birthday party at Spoiled Rockin Kids, and for you that don't know what that is it's a slaon for little girls and they had a blast. Kensley's hair is still really short but they made her up just like the other girls and she was so excited. Of course she picked bright blue eyeshadow, which was really hard to get off, and purple fingernail polish, which she bit all of that off before I had a chance to take it off before church, she said she didn't want Granddaddy to see her with it on. We to church last night and had a wonderful meeting. Now I'm back at work this morning, getting ready for a busy week ahead. I'm in charge of the Easter Egg Hunt, so sometime this week I have to go and buy the prizes, along with trying to finish up buying the rest of our Easter stuff for this weekend, but it'll get done, I'm a last minute person anyway most of the time. I work better under pressure.

Hope everyone has a blessed day!

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Mary Ellen said...

What a wonderful Easter week post!! I am so happy for you and Kensley!! Isnt it wonderful to be witness to God miracles :-)