Monday, March 15, 2010

We have had a busy weekend.....Friday night Kensley had a birthday party to go to (which I had almost consider not going because of where it was and Kensley really not being able to participate much) and it was at Kidnastics. It started out ok and then it got to the point to where Kensley wasn't able to do the things that the other kids were so she started crying and I just couldn't handle it, so I then I broke down myself. I really hated to cry in front of everyone and I tried to be as discrete as I could about it, but I had just had all I could take at that moment. We gathered ourselves and she was able to go back in and participate some more with everyone. It's at these moments that I don't know how to explain to her that she can't fully do the things that the other kids can do. I want her to be able to do those things, but I know in her situation it is going to take some time, but there are just moments that you can't seem to take anymore and I have those breakdowns. No one can stand seeing their kid upset because they don't fit in with the other kids and how do you explain that to them? I haven't figured it out yet, I just try to comfort her and let her know that real soon she will be able to do those things again and hope and pray that God will grant these things for her, we always seem to take the small things for granted until you are put in this type of situation. I had rode with Alyson to the party so once it was over we went back to her house and let the girls play together some.

Saturday Alyson brought Sydnee over to play with Kensley some more and I was scrambling around trying to find Konnor something to wear for Easter pictures that I tried 3 different times to cancel but Marty just wouldn't let me and I'm glad I didn't because they turned out gorgeous.

The girls played that afternoon and then we had to get ready for church. Dustin got hung up at the studio, so it was just us girls going to church and Konnor of course didn't want to go if he didn't have to so he talked his Aunt Marty in to letting him stay with her until his dad got home. Church was really good and several got help.

It was second weekend so I got up and cooked my dinner along with breakfast and got everyone ready for church. We had a really good meeting Sunday morning and Sunday night.

Mom called me a little bit ago and said that Kensley walked to the bathroom all by herself and was able to pull her pants down all by herself. I know these things sound so small but to us these are big accomplishments. We head back to Birmingham Thursday for our follow up with the rehab doctor, I think that he will be really impressed at how far she has come since the last time he saw her in December. Her therapist wanted us to get a hand splint made for her left hand so she went and got fitted for that last Friday, and the doctor that saw her was not impressed at all with how she was walking, and that came as a shock to us because we thought she was doing so well, but to us we didn't know anything different. He said that her left knee should not be turning out to the side so much when she is walking and she is starting to drag her left foot some. So he is wanting to make her a new brace for her foot that will help all of this, so I am hoping that I can get the doctor to give me a prescription when we go on Wednesday. I am happy to know that there is something better for her and hope maybe that the new brace will fit better with shoes because right now I am just having a really hard time with the shoes that I have looked at and tried on her.

Hope to have some good news when we return on Thursday, I will keep everyone posted. Hope everyone has a good Spring Break!


James Patrick said...

Oh my !I dont know if you read my blog or not but your section about the birthday party is pretty much word for word my post. Birthday parties are the hardest thing for me for some reason. It can be like a parade of things your child "cant" do. But I am trying to allow God allow show me how to handle trials like these. It can be hard though. I just wanted to let you know that you are not the only Mom and child that has shed tears at a birthday party.

The Easter pictures look great! Your children are beautiful.

Brandy said...

Melissa...I am not around you but I can promise you that you have handled yourself and this situation with a lot of strength, grace, and diginity. I don't think that if I was in your shoes I would be able to do that. And I think that I would be worried if you didn't have those person can only carry so much weight on their shoulders for so long before they completely break. So I think a breakdown every couple of days is probably just what you need in order to keep you from having a complete meltdown. Mother to mother...keep your chin up I am still praying for you. and Kensley.

Stephanie T said...

Mo - we can't even pretend to know or really understand. Just know we all love all of you SO much and love Kensley for exactly the way God wants her to be right now! You'll be amazed how much God can comfort a child in ways that we cannot even imagine! You guys are SO strong - but strong doesn't mean you are superwoman!! Allow yourself some human disappointment but don't stay there too long or you might miss the next big step in HIS miracle!!!

It's SO hard to be a mommy sometimes - you're doing great!

Melissa Kelly said...

Thanks ladies for the kind words of encouragement. We love y'all so much!

James Patrick is such a trooper, he is a great inspiration to many and I'm so glad that our paths have crossed. I hope his surgery goes well & let us know if we can help in any way.