Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Days 19-24.....

Day 19.....a picture of you when you were little. I couldn't pick just one. Most have my brother in them also.

Here is me when I was a baby.

Here are some of me and my brother, the first two are pretty cute but the last one I had my bottle cap glasses. I had some doozies and the thing is I still have them somewhere. I think I saved them all. Thank goodness for technology, they can now make the lens thinner so that I don't have to wear bottlecaps anymore. :)

Day 20..... a picture of somewhere you would like to travel. That would be New York, I had me and Dustin a trip booked a few years ago and had to cancel it because Konnor was graduating from Kindergarten. That is way more important than any trip I can take.

Day 21.... a picture of something you wish you could forget. I used to have a really good memory, but that seemed to have somehow vanished after I had kids. I have a terrible memory now, so more than likely I have already forgotten it.

Day 22.....a picture of something you wish you were better at. Don't have a picture, but I wish I had more patience. Dustin can vouch that I don't have an abundance of it. I hope and pray that is something that I can work at and do better.

Day 23.....a picture of your favorite book. That would be The Notebook. I read this several years ago and it has by far been one of my favorites. I loved the book way more than the movie.

Day 24.... a picture of something you wish you could change. I don't have a pic of this either, but that would be my kitchen and bathroom floors along with the bathroom countertops. This is on our project list to do before revival.

Whew only 6 more days left and I'm done. Hope everyone has a good rest of the week and come see New Harmony and The Isaacs perform in Scottsboro Friday night.

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Drea said...

OK- 1st- Konner looks more like you than I would have ever guessed. (he acts so much like Dustin that I never thought about it!)
2nd- forget the glasses- you have on one of those itchy wool skirts that our mothers made us wear- I am sure those were made as torture devices!!! I about DIED when I had to wear them!

Yall were cute kids :)