Friday, March 18, 2011

Day 8....

.....a picture that makes you laugh. Ok I cheated and chose three. This first one is of Konnor dressed up like a geek on geek day at school. He's is his daddy's child, he loves to try and make you laugh.

The next one is of Dustin, this was him trying to pretend to be exercising so he could blog about it. He does some of the craziest stuff and can always make you smile.

There's a funny story behind this, you will just have to ask Dustin about it. I couldn't even hardly take the picture for laughing. We laughed until we cried. He is such a goof ball.


Lacey MaRanda said...

ok the second one you should blow up into a 16x20 just for blackmail purposes

Anonymous said...

Lol!!! Those pics are so great...Dustin, you look possessed in the last one!