Saturday, May 28, 2011

Awards Day and last weekend

Well I'm just now getting to post about the kids awards day. It was one week ago this yesterday. I took the day off from work to go see the kids receive their awards and spend the day with them. We went to McDonald's before school and then off we went. I got there early so was able to go with them to their class to make some pics. Kensley got to go say the pledge that morning. Here is a pic of her and a couple of her classmates saying the pledge.

Last year Kensley had to have someone walking with her across the gym to recieve her certificate, but this year she was all on her own and I so proud of how far she has come. She received all A honor roll this year and to think that when she went back to school after the accident her memory was pretty gone, but to think of how far she has come now is just amazing. She can remember more than I can now. We are so proud of you Kens and hope you continue to excel in all you do.

Next was Konnor and this was kind of a rough year for him. It began multiplication and divsion. He didn't make the honor roll, but he did great overall and received the attendance award and a couple of others. He has really grown up over this past year. He has become my helper, he used to fuss everytime I asked him to do something, but now he loves to help. Just last week he wanted me to teach him how to wash clothes. Not many boys would want to know how to do that, but he has become a big help to me and his dad. He loves to mow the grass, so his grandmother has started paying him to mow her grass for her. Konnor we are so proud of how you are doing and hope you too excel in all you do.

After the awards we went with Nickie, Janice, Brooke, Marty and Hayley and all the kids to El Palacio (I'm not sure that I spelled that correctly, but it's the Mexican place in Gurley) for lunch. Well the boys decided to go home with Hayley and I took Kensley and Crosby to the mall. We shopped around and then headed to Target and back home to get ready for the graduation reception at the church.

We had 7 graduates at our church this year, but only 6 were able to be there. We went for a little bit and then went to Logan's to eat with Hilary, Daniel, Scott & Josie and the kids.

Saturday we got up early to start working in the yard. We worked pretty much all day, but got a lot accomplished. Later that afternoon I went to meet Heather to get Haley to stay with Kensley.

We got ready for church and we had a lot of visitors from Nila and heard some really good testimonies. Afterwards we just ran to Burger King and crashed for the night.

We didn't go to church Sunday morning, I know shame on us! But Kyle's little girl Grayson was having a b-day party. I heard the girls in Kensley's room that morning talking and I looked at the clock and it was just a little after 4 and shortly after Kensley was hollering that they were thirsty, so I get up and fix them something to drink and go back to bed and just let them play. Later that morning I noticed that I didn't hear them and when I went back there this is what I found. They had fell asleep playing. The kids played in the sprinklers and we went to the party. Back to church that night for another good service and then back to Logan's to eat. Can you tell we like to go to Logan's??? Well we have lots more from this weekend to talk about but I will save it for another post. Hope you all have a wonderful and safe holiday weekend. Here is a pic of Haley and Kensley before we left for church.


Shelby Baker said...

It is truly amazing to see how far Kensley has come! I love reading your blog posts, and they never fail to make me cry. I miss my little buddy. :)

Marty said...

It's El Coyote Mo!!! lol