Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Happy Easter!

I know I'm behind, but I just haven't had the time to post yet. I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter. Started out Friday night going to Higdon's singing to see our friends from the north who were singing and man are they good! Kensley also got requested to sing, and she sang Beautiful Day all by herself and did so good! Saturday was our egg hunt with all the kids from church, but we got rained out, I know it was pretty later that day, but it was still kind of muddy and some weren't gonna get to come if we moved it later in the day. So instead me and the fam went to the mall to do some shopping. Usually Dustin is rushing me, but he did really good and let me take my time. They were sitting in front of Belk waiting on me and I had been in there quite a while and the lines were really long to, but when I walked out Kensley told she had just prayed that I would hurry and come out.....I thought that was really cute! Got up Easter morning and cooked breakfast and then fixed my stuff for dinner that day and got us all ready and was ready by 9, I was really impressed, I can't seemed to do that any other Sunday. :) We went up to Goody's (Dustin's grandmother for those of you who don't know her) and made some pics before church, this used to be a tradition of ours that we did every year and somehow has just gotten away from us. We had a wonderful service that morning and had a great dinner with the family. Here is one of the pictures of all of us, I will try to upload more a little later.

It was back to the grind Monday morning. I have been super busy at work this week and at home. I'm trying to get ready for a yard sale we are having Saturday. Who knew that one family could accumulate so many clothes.....I feel like I'm drowning in them. If you would like to come it will be down at Coleman Machine shop on Hwy 431, it is a multi family yard sale. This morning about 3:45 Kensley was needing to go to the bathroom so I got up and took her and then of course since I was already up I had to go, don't you just hate it when you have to get up in the middle of the night to go, it nearly just makes me mad, I laid there and tossed and turned and my mind was going 90 to nothing of things that I needed to get done and I couldn't go back to sleep for the life of a little before 5 I just decided to go ahead and get up. I got up and took my shower and then started working on my yard sale stuff again and got pretty much everything priced.

Kensley is doing good, she had her splint off her left hand the other night and she was grabbing Dustin's nose and honking it, and last night she was waving really good with it. I was really worried about the short term memory loss, it just didn't seem to be getting any better, but I have noticed over the past week at how much better it has gotten, she is remembering a lot. She still gets confused with what day it is, but remembering stuff that has happened throughout the day has really improved and all the thanks goes out to all the prayers that you all have been praying for her and to God for answering those prayers!

Konnor is also doing very well. He is doing great in school and last week we had to do a dinosaur project which he got an A+ on. I had gotten him a new suit for Easter as you can see in the above picture and he loved it, he loves wearing them. He told us that he was with "Legacy Five", which is a gospel group he likes to listen to. He is wanting us to get his room moved around so he can set up a studio, he is his daddy's child. All the kid studies is music and fire dept.....and speaking of fire dept, we drove by Big Cove's last night and Mitch was there so Konnor wanted to go by and we dropped him off and Mitch brought him home later, you would of thought you had just given the kid $1000, he loved being with those boys down there. And as far as the music, I hope he takes after his dad on that, he is already doing really good on the drums.

Well I have talked about how Dustin has been writing novels lately on his blog and now I have written one myself. Oh well, I hope everyone has a great rest of the week.


Mary Ellen said...

You ARE busy :-) Sounds like it is a good busy though! I am glad to hear that the short term memory is getting better. The power of prayer is amazing!!

Stephanie T said...

Dustin's blog?????

Sherrill said...

DUSTIN has a blog????

Melissa Kelly said...

Oh yes you have to see Dustin's blog!!! It is