Saturday, September 11, 2010 everyone knows it has almost been a year since the accident and we are so thankful for how far the Lord has brought Kensley. We all want her to be completely well and sometimes I tend to have to recheck my patience on that, but I know it will come in His time. We are still so thankful for your continued prayers. But what I wanted to get on her and thank the Lord for is when our family went to the car to retrieve all of our belongings one of my worries was my camera and memory cards and they were found all in tact. But somehow in the mist of all the stuff going on somehow my initial memory card came up missing. I didn't do a lot of worry about it while we were in the hospital because that wasn't so important at the time, but after we got home and had time to settle in I began to look for it and couldn't find it anywhere. I was crushed, all the memories we had were what we could remember. I had one of my memory cards, but it only had I think the last day on there. The bin that had everything in it had been searched and searched so I just dismissed the fact that I was going to find it and put the bin in the attic. Well I had a yard sale today and decided I was going to go through my stuff in the attic and see what I could sell. I came back across that bin and thought well I will just look one more time. Well I didn't even have to look it was right there. I couldn't hardly believe my eyes. Over 300 pictures from Disney were found, I was estatic. It may seem small to some people but this was huge for me. I know the Lord had to have done that because I had tore that bin apart looking for that card, He is so gracious to us.

On another note, we had our yard sale today, and it was a hot one, my faces proves it. Needless to say I got me some sunshine today. We were selling away when I looked across the road and saw the rain coming. I told the others and we began to carry everything in the Jerome's shop. We got the most important stuff in just in time, but by the time we got the rest of it we were trenched from head to toe. We had a few more customers, but then decided to pack it all up. All in all we had a good turn out and made lots of $$$$.

We are now getting ready for church. It's 2nd weekend so hope everyone will come out and see us.


Sherrill said...

God knows just when to remind us He's still around - He's still in control - and everything comes in HIS time. :-) He IS faithful. (Sometimes we just need a little patience. I guess we'd be spoiled rotten brats if we got what we wanted right when we wanted it! LOL) So thrilled about all your pictures!!!

The Brewer FireFighters said...

AWWW that made me want to cry!! I am so glad you got your pictures back!! memories mean so much!!