Sunday, January 9, 2011

Christmas 2010.....

We had many gatherings this Christmas and wish I had time to post about them all, but I guess Christmas morning is all your gonna get. We have a tradition to have breakfast at our house for the whole family every year. We woke up early by the kids who were very anxious to open presents, but Dustin wouldn't let them come out of the room until we got ready and had all cameras in place. :) They were just beside themselves having to stand in Kensley room and wait, but he finally let them come out to see all their surprises. Konnor was surprised with a new dirt bike and Kensley a new bicycle.

Kensley has begged for a bicycle for months from Santa and we made sure that He knew what she wanted. She is bound and determined to ride it. And it wasn't until the kids starting opening gifts that we realized that it had snowed outside, what a great surprise. So she wasn't able to ride it until the snow had melted away a couple of days later, but she rode it and as it gets warmer we are expecting her to take off on it.

Here is Konnor with his new dirt bike. He's a little scared of it but he'll get used to it. He has had a dirt bike and four wheeler, but just outgrown them, so this one is a little bigger then he is used to. But before we know it he will prolly be popping willies on it.

Everyone showed up for breakfast and when we were all done, we bundled up and went out in the snow. Of course I was a little skeptical about taking Kens out in it, but she did great she was walking around in it and throwing snowballs. All of us were just hitting each other with snowballs and throwing each other on the ground, it was so much fun. My kids have never seen a snow like that and to just think they are fixing to get to enjoy another one. The only difference about this one is that me and Dustin are going to have to work. What a bummer! Anyway we got a sled and hooked it to the four wheeler and went sledding, that was a blast. But boy did I pay for it the next day, I was so sore and had no desire to do it again. There is funny video of Dustin, Lee, Kylee and Kamron puking their guts out. Dustin was pulling Kylee on the sled and she got splashed in the face with what they thought was mud, but after we told them that it was sewer they all lost it. To see the pics from the snow, because I was out playing in it I didn't get any pics so you will have to go to Marty's blog and look at all the pictures. Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas. This one will go down in the history books as one of the best ones ever!

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