Sunday, January 2, 2011

Going to the mall....

well to start off with it has always been a tradition that me and Dustin and whoever else decides to go will go shopping the day after Thanksgiving. Well this year Dustin was on call and me and Marty had decided that we wanted to shop all night, so Dustin opted out this year. We shopped for 13-14 hours straight, it was so much fun. We got some good deals and had some good laughs. So Saturday Dustin decided he wanted to go to the mall. So we all got ready and headed out. We got our annual Christmas ornaments from the place in the mall. Konnor got an Alabama football and Kensley got a castle (only because she dropped and broke, but wasn't too bad they were able to glue it back together and best of all they gave it to me half price). The kids begged to do the Jumpy thing (lol....can't remember exactly what it's called) so we thought it might be a good thing for Kensley to do and just so happens I had my camera with me that day. Kens was a little scared at first but got the hang of it eventually. Here's a few of them jumping:

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