Wednesday, January 26, 2011


.....sorry no update before now on the last post, but it has just been so hectic. Well we ended up finally getting in to the doctor on Friday, but we had to go to Madison, and if anyone knows me very well I don't have sense of direction. After a couple of calls to Dustin to try and figure out where I was going we finally got there. They took some xrays and the doctor came in to tell us that everything looked good and they were just bruised up. Thank you Lord, didn't think I could handle any more broken bones at the moment, but she's a trooper. I told the therapist yesterday that I was so glad that she hadn't started complaining with any itching yet, but guess what happened later that night, yep you guessed it....I jinxed us. So we have been using the end of a fly swatter to scratch her arm. Not too bad so far, but we are just ready for it to come off. I'm really anxious to see how her wrist is doing after all the stretching it has been getting.

Here are a couple of pics of her with her cast with lots of signatures from friends and family.

Well here we are today and we have gotten the cast off. It was a breeze and she had already fallen asleep before the doctor came in. She had one blister on her pinky, but other than that nothing else that we could see wrong. Took more xrays and they were all good. The doctor said for her to take it easy for about a month.

We go to Bham the 22nd of this month and will have to make the decision if we will be having the botox rescheduled for the 3rd time. She is already trying to use that hand some. We start back having OT therapy next week and we are looking for great things. Will update after our next doctor's appt.

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