Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Busy, Busy, Busy

Well we had a busy weekend. Friday night we grilled at Suzie's house and worked on the Disney outfits for the girls. Dustin worked on getting my window on my van fixed, we had to buy a new motor for it, well he got it apart fine, but he couldn't get it put back together, he was so frustrated. My brother Jeremy came over to help him after they ate and after about 2 hour they finally got it put back together. Marty got our pictures done so here are a few previews.

Saturday I got up early and cleaned and then me and Dustin practically tore the car apart cleaning it from top to bottom at least it's clean though. Then I went back over to Suzie's and we cleaned up her sewing room and worked on the outfits again, we have one whole outfit complete. Yay!!! Only three more to go with only three weeks left until we leave, we are going to have to get on the ball.

Sunday was just church all day. We went to Big Cove that morning and then Huntsville that night.

For Labor Day the kids went to a creek with Marty and the rest of the family and I went with Dustin up to Pleasant Grove to their community pinic. He went to play for the Wright's and they had tons of stuff for the kids to do, but mine weren't there to enjoy it. They did give away prizes at the end and Dustin won a $10 Wal-Mart card and lucky Rusty won the $50 in cash. Me and Miyra didn't win anything, but that's ok we will just take it from our husbands. :)

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Nicole said...

Melissa I love your picture of the family!!! So pretty!