Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Here are a couple of pictures of the kids waiting for the bus and getting on. They loved riding, the first thing Kensley said when I got home yesterday was could they ride again. Although when they get a little bit bigger they will be begging me to take them rather than riding the bus. :)

We had a great weekend, very busy as usual. Friday night NH sang at Claysville. I had to take Kensley to Hazel Green to a sleepover and then drive to Claysville, so needless to say I drove for what seemed like hours that night. Saturday morning it was back to Hazel Green to pick Kensley up and then it was just sort of a lazy day. Dustin had to go practice for a funeral that afternoon and then we went over to Joe and Drea's along with Scott and Josie. I don't know about the guys but us girls had a good time just sittin and chattin. Doing a lot of catching up, we don't get to be together and just hang out a lot, we are all so busy, we had a great time. Thanks Drea for having us. Sunday Dustin had to go sing at the funeral and me and the kids stayed home and they watched movies all day while I cleaned the house from top to bottom, even baseboards. I love the smell of a clean house, I always say that once I get it that clean that I am going to stay on top of things, but somehow something always happens and my plan fails me. Church Sunday night and out to eat at Logan's after church with Marty, Lee, Kylee, Kade, Justin, Alicia and Harley. Back to work this week, guess I will go to practice with Dustin tonight. More post later.

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