Monday, September 28, 2009

It's Almost Here!!!!

Well it is almost here! We only have 4 days left until we leave for Disney and I have so much stuff to get done this week, but it will all be worth it. Dustin still isn't really excited about going, but hopefully he will enjoy it once he gets there and sees how excited the kids are. I know he can't wait to see Minnie and give her a big ole! I will try and take pics of the girls outfits and post them for y'all to see.

The weekend was good, let me start by saying that wasn't yesterday a beautiful day? It was so nice outside. Friday night of course we had a singing at Higdon and I think there ended up being about 8 or 9 groups with some specials thrown in, but I have to say they did really good on time, it was over by 10 our time. Saturday I went and took the dreaded CPC coding test, not sure how I did, it was pretty hard. Saturday night we went to the funeral home, I didn't know the lady, but have heard wonderful things about her and she was a member of our church, but hasn't gotten to come in several years. Sunday Dustin had to play at the funeral and afterwards we went to Red Lobster for some endless shrimp or should I say Dustin did and he sure did enjoy it and so did the rest of us, I love those biscuits. Church Sunday night and then to Santa Fe with the family afterwards.

The kids are doing great, we got Konnor's progress report last week and it was all A's. He is doing so good this year. And of course Kensley is just reading away, it amazes me how much she can read, she picks up on words that I would never dream she could read. We always kid that Kensley is going to try and take over her teachers job. I was informed today by her teacher that Kensley told her she would bring her something back from Disney so I guess I will be buying her something while we are there. :) More to come in the next few days.

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