Wednesday, February 24, 2010

She's Walking!!!!

I didn't think I would see this day until months down the road, but we are so thankful that Kensley is taking steps by herself. It all started yesterday when she took 4 steps at therapy and when Dustin got home he had her holding on to the wall walking up and down the hall. Then I got home and she wanted to show me, so she walked up and down the hall and then we had her just walk back and forth to me and Dustin and she would take several steps. She can probably take anywhere from 7-10 steps by herself. She was so excited about this as were we. I really think the shoes we got over the weekend have helped her to feel more balanced and comfortable. I can't wait to see what the therapists have to say about her today. Everyday is an improvement and we are so thankful to God for that because it is because of His Grace and Mercy that she is where she is today. I worried about how long it would take her to walk again because she loved Summer time and I wanted her to be able to enjoy that this year too and I was afraid if she wouldn't walking by then that it would be really hard on her seeing the other kids outside playing, but I am so encouraged that she will be walking completely by that time. Please keep her in your prayers and we love each and everyone of y'all. Here are a couple of pictures Dustin took of her.

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James Patrick said...

what a BEAUTIFUL sight!!! How wonderful that God gave you the joy of watching your child's first steps TWICE in one lifetime :-)