Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Making Progress.....

I know it has been awhile since I have posted and I am sorry, but things have just been so crazy and when I do have time it seems like all I want to do is rest. But Kensley is improving daily and we thank our Lord for how far she has come. She is using her walker quite a bit now and she is amazed within herself that she can do it. She will be walking and just say "WOW I can walk". It is the most precious thing. We are still going to therapy three times a week plus doing homebound school, so there is not a lot of free time and what free time I have I am trying to get in some hours at work. Dustin has started taking one day a week to let me go in to work and have a break and its nice to have adult conversations. My job has been wonderful to me and I am so thankful that the Lord provided me with this job. Speaking of conversations, Kensley has come out of her shell, she loves to talk and will talk your head off, she doesn't meet a stranger and has become a comedian too. I have talked with my case manager and the doctor's office from Birmingham about letting Kensley go back to school and they have told me that she could probably go back part time if the homebound teacher thought it was ok, otherwise we may wait until our appt in March for the doctors to re-evaluate her and see if she is ready. I'm not sure if she went back part time how we would fit everything in to our schedule. With the detour going to school it takes me an hour to drop off and get back home, so most of my time would be spent driving everywhere and I'm not one who likes to drive, it tends to make me sleepy, but I know Kensley would love going back to school cause she asks me daily when she can go back.

We have our moments of breakdowns too. This is a lifestyle change and it has taken time to get used to it. I think at first I was so overwhelmed with getting everything in order for her and making sure we had everything at home that we needed that the initial shock of it didn't hit me until later. We were at home one day and I got to looking at my pictures and found the one that I took of her on the first day of school and just lost it and then she lost it and we just cried together. I try not to cry in front of her, I try to wait until I by myself just because I don't want no one else to worry or see me crying. Dustin just doesn't understand sometimes I just need to let it all out, he thinks I should have a reason for crying. The Lord has really comforted me through all of this, but I know that there are going to be breakdowns moments to.

Konnor is doing good, he had a couple of problems at school, but I think we have gotten those taken care of. He is all boy and too much of that came out at school. And another incident of his was the first ice and snow that we got, he was seen sliding across the iced pond!!!!! I know boys will be boys, but thank God he didn't fall through. This past Saturday he was over at Suzie's playing with Kamron and Kade and we were leaving to go take some food up to the hospital and here they all come wet and muddy and Dustin got on to them and when we left I asked him how many times did he get in the water in the freezing cold and he told me none, but I know that's not true. I try to cut him some slack cause I know he is just a boy and that's what boys do. Konnor loves his dad and to me that is his idol. But Kade spent the night Saturday night and Sunday night we went upstairs and they had built them a studio and were pretending to record. They had gotten stuff out of the attic and had it all set up. I thought it was really cute. For the Valentine's pictures he first of all was mad that he was having them done because he missed getting to go to the studio with his dad, but once we started them he because creative and wanted to act like he was writing a song and then he had them made with a guitar and they all turned out so well. Here is the storyboard that Marty made of my kids pictures.

I would also like for everyone to pray for some good friends of ours, Bro. Darrin and Sis. Natasha Isbell. He fell and crushed his spine and has had to have surgery and is now headed to Atlanta for therapy. I've been there and know what it's like, but I know that they have God on their side and everything will work out for them. And pray for their kids also, they have two little girls and this will be equally as hard on them having to be away from their parents cause I know it was hard on Konnor, but we all know that God will deliver them back together real soon.

We love all of y'all and hope to see everyone really soon! Oh and I hope to have some more pictures up to, I just don't have my camera with me.


Stephanie T said...

I know this is going to sound crazy, but I am SO glad that you've given yourself a chance to fall apart once and awhile!!! No one expects you to be Superwoman, and you have every reason to fall apart now and then when you realize what all has happened in the last few months. I went so long and didn't allow myself to do that. I thought if I broke down it somehow lessened what all God had done to help us. That's not it at all! A good friend told me that tears are God's way of washing out your soul so He can have more room to work!! You are doing an awesome job being Mommy and Wife and everything else combined! Change is hard - even when you know the Lord is helping!

Kens is a miracle! We thank God every day for that. We love you all SO much! Anything you need - anytime - just call :)

Stephanie T said...

BTW - those picture of Konnor are the spitting image of his Daddy!

Melissa Kelly said...

Thanks Steph for the encouragement.. you have been an inspiration to many. Thanks for everything y'all have done for us, we couldn't have made it through with out all of y'all. Kens is a true miracle.

And yes you are right about Konnor, he is just like his dad!!!