Sunday, July 18, 2010

Doctor's appt....

....this past Thursday we had a doctor's appt in B'ham for a follow up. The last time we were there the news just wasn't that good. They wanted to do a procedure on her called Botox injections, so we scheduled that for June. As time got closer to the procedure the more I didn't want her to have it cause the Lord had really been looking at her and she was progressing so well that I didn't want there to be any set backs, so me and Dustin talked about it and we cancelled the procedure. Well Thursday Kensley walked in to the doctor's office without her brace, he was so pleased with how far she had came. He told us that we had made the right decision by cancelling and that was ease to our minds. Everything was good news from then on. She can go back to school full time this year and we are starting to wing her off of her medicine. The Lord is so good to us. I know that in His time He will finish healing my baby, but for now we will praise Him for what He has already done for her.

It's been so busy around here going to revivals, working and just trying to catch as much sleep as possible that I haven't had time to blog. The kids have been staying with my parents this summer and getting to do some liitle things. I hope to be able to take them somewhere for a day before school starts back. I had thought about maybe the Aquarium in Chattanooga and then maybe head to Sticky Fingers because that is Konnor's favorite place to eat. Suzie did take the boys to the Long's deer farm a couple of weeks ago and they loved that. I have pictures, but I haven't uploaded them yet, so maybe soon.

I have also been trying to put up corn. Although my parents did most of the work (because they didn't have the patience to wait on there is so much time that goes in to all of this. I can see why back in the day that they didn't work, they stayed home and canned. Well anyway I did get several bags of corn put up and yesterday I put up some okra. I still plan to put up some peaches like Dustin's grandmother does and I would still love to do more corn, but it is just finding the time to do it.

We went to Big Cove last night and it was really good, revival feeling was there. Today we are heading out to Hytop and then back to Big Cove tonight. Hope everyone has a good week. Til next time....tootles!


Cassie said...

Hey - if you do come out to the aquarium let me or Shannon know and we can get you a small discount :) I mean really small but hey every penny counts!

Melissa Kelly said...

ok that's sounds great