Monday, April 12, 2010

Pictures Gallore!

Well I thought I would just do a post of pictures I haven't had a chance to upload yet, so here goes.....
Here is Mr. Coolcat!
Kensley and Landon
Dustin and his besties!

Little New Harmony

Konnor and Peyton

Kensley and Kaylee, BFF's

Here are some from Sydnee's b-day party at Spoiled Rockin Kids, they had a blast!

Here is the final outcome.....

Here is one someone took from our yardsale on Saturday, we had an awesome turn out, it was non-stop for hours, you would have thought it was Wal-Mart....but all made lots of money and had a good time. I had packed all my stuff up and was leaving when I saw some Mexicans pull up so I stopped and asked them if they wanted some free stuff and I unloaded the car for them and gave them what I had left....the guy wanted to pay me something so I told him if he really wanted to he could just give me $20, I just wanted to get rid of it and not bring it back home. We even had some people coming back for the 2nd time, they said it was the best yardsale that they had been to. Got lots of sun and I'm still paying for it today, it really hurts, but oh well I needed some sun.

Now I have to wrap it up, gotta go iron Dustin's clothes. Going to B'ham, will give an update later. Hope everyone has a good Monday!

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