Monday, April 26, 2010

What a Monday!

Wow....I can tell it is Monday, my day has been crazy already. Woke up this morning to get Dustin's clothes ironed for three days and him packed and ready to go to work. He was told that they were going to work in Albertville for the next couple of days and they would be spending the night so I did all of this for him to call me this morning and say that they had a change of plans, that they were going back today, but he would be able to come home tonight and he probably wouldn't have to go back, which is good because I hate it when he is away. Then I take four kids to McDonald's to eat breakfast before school, but I have to say they did very good. Then I start getting calls and emails before I can even get to work with problems that are going on. So needless to say I have been extremely busy this morning. I think I have just about gotten all of the problems resolved and hope to get started on my daily functions pretty soon.

We had a very restful weekend. We took the kids to Panoply Friday night, but we didn't get to do as much as we had liked because is started raining. And for those of you who read my husband's blog, it was him that wanted his faced painted not! The girls really wanted to get their face painted but we just didn't have the time since we were fixing to get wet, so we headed home and Dustin dropped me off at Jen's house (my sis-in-law) for her jewelry party and then headed to my other sis-in-law Marty's house for a few. Somehow I came home with 3 extra kids which makes 5 total.....what was I thinking. No they were good, the boys stayed upstairs and rearranged Konnor's room and the girls were really tired so it didn't take them long to pass out. Saturday was just a very lazy day, we stayed over at Suzie's most of the day and cooked and sewed (well Melia and Suzie sewed, I just watched) and cooked some more. Sunday we were headed to church when we had to turn around and go home because Dustin got called in to work. I'm so glad that the tornado's missed us (Konnor told me he prayed that they would, he has become terrified of storms, he must be related to Joe David), but I am sad for those that were in the path of the storm. So me and the kids headed on to church and we had a good service Sunday morning and Sunday night. Sunday night we were sitting beside Sis. Angie Philpott and something just didn't sit right with Kensley and she had one of her fits and I guess it just really embarrassed me that I just pretty much lost it and started crying, I'm not sure how to handle her when she does that. I know we have to teach her that she can't do those type of things and I know I use her injury as an excuse, but I just really don't think she has that full understanding of things back yet, so sometimes I just have to cry with her to let my frustrations out because I'm not sure what else to do. After church I ran the kids through the drive thru at Krystals and we headed home for the night.

Well now I have to go and try and get some work done, hope everyone has a good Monday!


Stephanie T said...

I think we can ALL say the same thing about our respective drama queens. Hello - you've seen mine in action!!! Just deal with what you can, when you can, and pray hard. Other than that, just stare back and smile at the ones who look on. None can imagine the shoes of another, so who are we to judge?? She is doing everything she can, and everything the Lord has made her able to do. He's not finished!! And personally, I think Krystal's should have fixed it all :) :) Come sit with me next time at BC - trust me - EK's fits are something to behold! No one will ever notice anything b/c she demands ALL attention, whether we like it or not!!

Love you - keep pressing! You're on the road and SO much farther than you were! We're all here cheering you on!!

Joyce said...

Hey Sis
Just wanted to let you know that I think of you and Dustin often and have admired how you have handled yourselves during this time...this has been a overwhelming change in your and Kensley's life, but all i've seen is 2 loving parents, giving their child the love and support it needs during her recuperation...and that's what she's doing...recuperating...not accepting...recuperating...remember that word...I'm sure you've had some meltdowns, and that's have all of em you need to have...then pull yourself back together and keep on day, you're gonna look back and be amazed at all He's brought ya'll thru...and I know you can do that already, but it may be years down the road before you find out just all the work that has been done thru this...and it's hard to imagine now, but you'll be proud that you were a part of that work....Hang in there're doing great in my book!

Practice Makes Philpotts said...

You know I love me some Kensley! She was was probably tired from me loving on her all night! Trenton gets like that to!
You are a wonderful, precious mother! I agree with the above post you do so good!