Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Change of Plans.....

.....well the last post said that Dustin was not going to have to stay in Albertville and work, well things have changed and he is there until possibly Friday. I know he is exhausted already and we are missing him bunches. He did get to come home Monday night but it was late when he got home and then Konnor woke up with an ear ache, so we were up with him til around 1 trying to ease his pain and praying for him, but he is all better now and we thank the Lord for it.

Last night Jeremy and Melia stopped by and wanted to go eat, so we all loaded up and went to Logan's and met Jack and Suzie there as well. We hadn't been seated long when Uncle Donnie and Aunt Josie walked in so we made room for them too. Logan's must have been the place to come last night because we ended up seeing several more people we knew including Mark, Jackie and Griffin. Let me tell you Griffin is a character, if you have never been around him you are missing out. The kid loves playing church and loves entertaining our kids. We headed home and me and the kids finished out the night with baths, homework and some tv.

I'm getting a excited that next week I am going to market to shop in Atlanta. I have never gotten to go and I cannot wait. Well I guess that's all for now. Happy Wednesday!

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Nicole said...

OH girl I am so jealous you are going to Market. I LOVE that place!!! Have fun and be prepared to shop till you drop.